Thursday, December 23, 2004

Incorrect Music Siftings

Incorrect Music Siftings "Findings from the poopiest music this planet has to offer, as presented by the Incorrect Music radio program, broadcast on WFMU, NJ.
The two requirements for this music are: 1) the works are not intentionally made bad, and 2) the artists are self-unaware."

  • "A Man Called Klaus", by Impossible Underpants
  • "I Still Believe In You", by Donald Prince
  • "Sleazy Weasel", by Buck Truck
  • "KPMG Corporate Anthem", by ???
  • "John Henry Was A Trucker", by Buck Truck
  • "Prepare To Fire", by The Christian Astronauts
  • Pastor McPurvis' Weekly mp3 Talent Show

    Pastor McPurvis' Weekly mp3 Talent Show "Welcome to Pastor McPurvis' Weekly mp3 Talent Show! Ever diligent in our rescue efforts, each week we feature an album from one of the residents of our Orphanage that we have rescued from a cold, cruel thrift store existence. Space restrictions disallow any archiving of the mp3s, so grab them while you can."

    Up this month...Inpatient Music Therapy Program,
    University of Michigan Medical Center,
    Children's Psychiatric Hospital Christmas Concert
  • Download Zip file w/ all mp3s (about 27 MB)
  • Amazing Struggles and Astonishing Failure

    Amazing Struggles and Astonishing Failures is a six part radio play written by Hugh A.D. Spenser and performed by the Shoestring Theater. Listen to the early days of the SF world. The whole thing is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial License, so enjoy.

  • Amazing Struggles Episode 1
  • Amazing Struggles Episode 2
  • Amazing Struggles Episode 3
  • Astonishing Failures Episode 1
  • Astonishing Failures Episode 2
  • Astonishing Failures Episode 3

  • 1937 Radio Play About Copyrights

    Found on BoingBoing "This 1937 Columbia Workshop radio program is a gem: characters from Dickens, Lewis Carroll and other public domain works drive from the Copyright Lane to the Public Domain and have stirring adventures in a world freed from their authors. 6.4MB, 28 minute MP3 "