Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Creator Consumer

Once again the tech has come to be such that the ease of entry is within the reach of folks who just a few months ago were not able to create all the wonder and glory that is the brand new jimmies. The new tech is the simple RSS feed with a special tag called an Enclosure. This somehow has made it so folks can create an MP3 of their musings, interests and the like and create what is now called a Podcast..

So what are some way to post up your Podcast? Glad you asked...

Blogcastng - This page will show you how to use a simple Blogger.com blog as the one and only thing you will need to roll the rss+enclosures and pass out the feed. Its just a simple bit of Blogger.com template code, totally low tech and totally free. And yes that's one of mine, how else did it get the first slot in this list?:)-

Webjay - Webjay is the child of Lucas Gonze and it is one of the slickest web based podcasting app. Webjay is a place to create playlists that can be shown as Podcasting rss+enclosures as well as xspf and even a spiffy bit of javascript to show on other websites..like blogger.com. Not only does Webjay offer a way to get your podcasts up, it is also the place for thousands of other playlists of goodies that you can incorporate into your list. Yep, you can reap the treasures others are listing up...the combinations of goodness abound. There are also methods to show the newest entries across the whole of the Webjay community and also which ones are getting the most play. Dive in and you'll come up in a month or two.

These are just two of my fave podcasting methods. What are yours?